Ultrafast Lasers

Q-Peak offers ultrafast lasers utilizing novel gain materials for use in scientific research and materials processing applications. Our capabilities include ultrafast, high-repetition rate oscillators, pulse stretcher and compressors, and an array of regenerative and linear amplifier systems for the generation of high-peak powers. The output from these laser systems can be combined with our non-linear optics capabilities providing wavelength tunabiltiy from the UV to IR. These individual components can be combined to provide a custom laser system to meet your needs.

Ultrafast Lasers Yb:KYW


Q-Peak has developed mode-locked oscillator and amplifier laser systems utilizing a variety of gain media. The table below summarizes a selection of the materials and their center wavelength.

Laser Gain Material Center Wavelength
Ti:Sapphire 800 nm
Yb:KYW 1040 nm
Ho:YLF 2050 nm
Cr:ZnSe 2500 nm

Example Systems

Examples of ultrafast laser systems include but are not limited to:

  • Diode-pumped, mode-locked, Cr:ZnSe oscillator generating sub-100-fs pulses, with > 80-nm spectral bandwidth at a 100-MHz pulse repetition rate.
  • High pulse-energy, Cr:ZnSe, chirped-pulse, regenerative amplifier laser system producing 1 mJ per pulse at a 1-kHz repetition rate with a pulse duration of 185 fs, corresponding to a peak power of 5 GW.
  • A fiber laser-pumped, Ho:YLF, regenerative amplifier system followed by several stages of linear amplification capable amplifying a 3-ps seed pulse to >25 mJ per pulse.
  • A diode-pumped, Yb:KYW, femtosecond oscillator, chirped-pulse, regenerative amplifier, laser system. The output was sent through a series of nonlinear conversion to generate 150-fs pulses in the UV (selectable at 259 nm or 345 nm).


  • Materials processing
  • Remote sensing
  • Trace gas monitoring
  • Medical applications
  • Semiconductor spectroscopy
  • Non-Linear generation