Q-Peak manufactures diode-pumped, solid state lasers based on a number of standard, field-proven components that can be arranged to provide a wide variety of operating configurations. Our current products are based on over 20 years of innovative efforts in developing laser systems. For more details, and some background on the evolution of our current product line.

Our systems are designed to produce cw and pulsed average powers of 10 W and above in the near-infrared (IR) wavelength region (around 1000 nm) with a near-diffraction-limited beam quality. Outputs in the green and ultraviolet (UV) regions are available, at present only in a pulsed format.
Our core technology is based on a diode-pumped Gain Module developed to operate with a number of different solid state laser materials. With the Gain Module technology and appropriate laser resonator optics mounted in a laser head, we can generate cw or repetitively Q-switched, pulsed laser-output formats. In addition, the Gain Modules can be used amplify the cw or Q-switched outputs of Gain-Module oscillators, or amplify other sources, such as low-power mode-locked lasers or sub-nanosecond, Q-switched microchip lasers. We can also provide standard nonlinear optics components for harmonic generation into the visible and UV wavelength regions.