Moonbow - SPO Short Pulse Oscillator

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Q-peak provides a compact and economic solution to generate short pulses at high repetition rate. Within the size of 21mm x 21mm x 57mm, sub-ns pulses can be achieved at KHz repetition rate. The wavelength is widely used 1064nm. Because of its simple structure and matured material, Q-peak’s short pulse oscillator is robust and has proven long term stability. It is an ideal component for the generation of high pulse energy laser source.

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Moonbow Series

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The moonbow laser is ultracompact, passively Q-switched, Nd:YLF laser emitting mJ-pulses at 1047 nm. A sister product, the Moonbow-G is a frequency doubled 523.5-nm laser with approximately half the pulse energy of the Moonbow. The volume of the laser head is a mere 7.5 cm3 with a mass of 79 g allowing for use in demanding size and weight applications. The near diffraction limited beam (M2 less than 2) and short pulsewidths (2 ns @ 1047 nm) enables high intensities to be generated for materials processing applications. The design can be adapted to efficiently generate 1.54 microns as an eye-safe wavelength with a short pulse-length to enable rangefinder applications. The integration level of the pump head (pump diodes, laser crystal, channel and holder with outstanding thermal management and ease of assembly) is clever, unique, and responsible for a "snap-fit" assembly and robust performance. The design has successfully undergone thermal and vibration testing with positive results and has demonstrated performance for several hours of operation.

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Applications of this laser include range finding for both military and commercial applications. Materials characterization can be accomplished with the Moonbow using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy. Mining applications are enhanced through the determination of metals and minerals. Finally, environmental monitoring benefits from the detection of contamination.