Firebow CW10 Tm Fiber Lasers Em Ring Hi Power

Firebow CW10

Firebow CW10 360x

Q-Peak built the first CW Thulium doped fiber laser to achieve more than 1 kW at 2 μm. Thoughout the years, Q-Peak has also built many other high power lasers in the 2 μm range either in cw regime or pulsed regime. Recently, Q-Peak has successfully run a single frequency, single mode all-fiber laser for an extended running time at 2 μm with more than 500 W. Q-Peak has been developing techniques to build all-fiber laser beyond 1 kW at 2 μm.

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Thulium doped fiber laser specifications:

CW Fiber Laser

Firebow CW Fiber Laser chart Other wavelength in the ranges from 1900 nm to 1940 nm, and from 2050 nm to 2130 nm are available but with lower output power and efficiency.

Pulsed Fiber Laser in Nanosecond

Firebow Pulsed Fiber Laser in Nanosecond

Note: All high power fiber lasers need water cooling.

Firebow RT90

Firebow RT90 360x

Q-Peak’s Firebow RT90 laser offers one of the first tunable, Tm:fiber-based, 2-μm lasers in a fully adaptive architecture designed for CW, Q-switched, and mode-locked laser capabilities. The Firebow Series covers a large variety of applications, including materials characterization, gas detection, biomedical imaging, and unique laser machining.

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Firebow RT90 Chart