Our People

Q-Peak provides a vibrant and engaging scientific environment with degreed staff scientists from the Bachelors to Doctoral level focused on laser science and engineering. Q-Peak’s Andover, MA facility is located in a 17,500 sq. ft. office and laboratory complex within the metropolitan Boston area. In addition to several laboratories with full-scale optical tables, Q-Peak also incorporates a class 10,000 clean room (with class 100 optical benches) for optical processing of high-power fibers and optics. In addition to cutting edge optical laboratory equipment, Q-Peak also utilizes extensive optical modeling software, such as FIMMWAVE, LasCad, TracePro, Zemax, and GLAD. In addition, Q-Peak continues to incorporate a wide range of optical diagnostic equipment for scientific and engineering processing, including primary systems such as spectrophotometers, optical spectrum analyzers, and various fiber fusion work stations (including arc, traveling flame, graphite-heater, and CO2). With a growing and engaged technical staff, we look forward to providing you with new and elegant laser architectures to serve your most challenging system needs.

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