A compact solid state laser

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Bhabana Pati, Eric D. Park, and Kenneth Stebbins
SPIE Photonics West, 13-18 February 2016, San Francisco, CA


A compact laser producing a green wavelength with a volume of ‹ 8 cm3 and a weight of ‹ 80 g finds application in many fields from military to space based. Q-Peak has designed and built a small solid-state laser that produces 1 mJ of energy per-pulse at a 1 - 20 Hz repetition rate.

The laser is passively Q-switched using a Cr4+:YAG saturable absorber to generate pulses ‹ 10 ns. A KTP nonlinear crystal doubles the frequency to generate light at 523 nm. The laser is sidepumped by a single bar diode laser using a unique pump cavity to homogenize the pump intensity in the laser rod. The non-linear components can easily be modified to change the output wavelength from UV to mid IR.

A compact solid state laser